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Headquartered in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands

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who we are

Terona Brands has focused on selling premium products ever since its inception in 2007.

Our customers often praise the quality and value for money of products that we offer. We do distribution and marketing for brands owned by us and products of other renowned brands.

What we do


At Terona we pride ourselves on being able to develop high quality products in conjunction with a consumer friendly price tag. The basis is that we exactly know the wishes of the always changing markets we serve. Besides product development we are highly efficient at importing goods. Our buying team works around the clock to make sure all export/import activities go according to plan.


A perfect match of the right product with the right customers is what our marketing department is constantly working on. What speaks to the customer? That is the big question for our branding team, they decide on a branding that vibrates with our mission and values and talks right to the heart of our customers. After this stage our marketeers place our products exactly there where customers are looking for them and so, maximizing sales. 


No customer is the same and this is the same for its delivery needs. On time delivery where and when the customer needs it, is the main achievement for our distribution team. For this we deliver customers out of  several warehouses in both Europe and the U.S.A. Of course; our work does not stop at successful delivery. Our dedicated customer service team is the backbone of our success.Working tirelessly to satisfy customers with any of their order, delivery or aftercare questions.

About us in numbers


Our products are internationally available in more than 17 countries. Reaching 800 million international customers


Almost 20 years of experience in selling online. A 240% year over year revenue growth in 2023


We develop premium quality products. Proven by our 2500+ customer reviews who value us on average with a 4.7 out of 5

With our brands we have been able to conquer a position in some very competitive markets, mainly because we have recognized the need of customers for quality products. Whereas on most e-commerce marketplaces the focus is on low-cost products we are actively growing our sales for “quality products with a friendly price tag”. Our goal is to constantly enlarge the number of platforms where customers can find our brands. 

Wesley Wansink
CEO - Terona B.V.

Global presence

Demand for high quality products is not limited to one country or continent; therefore you can find our products online in stores in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and in the United States. In order to serve our customers at these locations we have warehouse facilities in The Netherlands, Germany and the USA.
Leiden (Netherlands)
Weert (Netherlands)
Bucharest (Romania)
Meppen (Germany)
Marion (USA)

Join our international team of professionals

Marketing storyboards
Guiding our vast pool of freelancers

Within our marketing team you will be responsible for thinking of marketing concepts for our newest products and for updating existing products. You have experience with selling on e-commerce platforms and you are able to think in “customer avatars”.

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Platform account manager
Client management
Conclusion of transactions

Sometimes a great marketing idea does not results in the planned sales. Or it might work for one platform but not for the other. As a platform account manager you are responsible for our (sales)goals and you organize the other departments in such a way that these goals are met. At this moment we have open positions for managers for BOL.COM, Amazon EU7,

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We launch sales of our brands into space
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